Common questions and support documentation

Shield Security Overview

Introduction To The Shield Security Plugin

Some important information about Shield Security plugin.

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Security Dashboard Sections

Overview of the Shield Security Dashboard sections (sidebar navigation).

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Plugin Compatibility

Important information about plugin compatibility.

11 articles

Shield Plugin General FAQ

Most common questions about Shield and issues.

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Pro Features

Pro features intro and what you need to do after upgrading to Pro.

4 articles

Pro License

License activation and managing.

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Pro account and billing information.

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Customer Support

How to contact support and submit support ticket.

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Shield Upgrade Guides

12x Upgrade Guides

1 article

16x Upgrade Guides

Shield 16.0 upgrade guides.

1 article

13x Upgrade Guides

Shield plugin upgrade guides.

1 article

14.x Upgrade Guides

2 articles

15.x Upgrade Guides

Shield 15.x releases guides.

2 articles

9.x Upgrade Guides

All upgrade guides for v9.x.

3 articles

10.x Upgrade Guides

All upgrade guides for v10.x.

3 articles

11.x Upgrade Guides

All upgrade guides for v11.x.

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General Configuration

General Plugin Options

Important default settings used throughout the plugin.

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Setup CAPTCHA for use across Shield.

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Import/Export Options

Automatically import options, and deploy configurations across your entire network.

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Security Admin

Security Admin General

Introduction to Security Admin module and most important general options.

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Security Admin Restriction Settings

Restricts access to unauthorized admins.

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White Label

Rename and re-brand the Shield plugin for your client site installations.

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Security Admin FAQ

Most common questions about Security Admin restrictions.

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IP Blocking

IP Blocking General

Introduction to Block Bad IPs/Visitors module and most important general options.

2 articles

Auto IP Blocking Rules

Set the auto IP blocking rules.

3 articles

Bots Detection And Blocking

Detect and block bad bots.

7 articles


CrowdSec Community IP Reputation Database

2 articles

IP Management And Analysis

Analyse and manage blocked and whitelisted IPs.

4 articles

User Auto Unblock

Allow visitors to unblock their IP automatically.

1 article

IP Blocking FAQ

Most common questions about blocked or whitelisted IPs or lockouts.

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Scanners General

Introduction to Hack Guard module and most important general options.

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WordPress File Scan

Scan areas include: WordPress Core Files, Plugin and Themes, and PHP Malware.

1 article

Core Files Scanner

Scan and monitor WordPress Core Files for changes.

3 articles

Malware Scanner

Scan and monitor files for malware infections.

3 articles

Plugin/Theme Scanner

Scan and monitor Plugin & Theme files for changes.

1 article

Abandoned Plugin Scanner

Scan your assets for whether they've been abandoned.

1 article

Vulnerabilities Scanner

Detect plugins with known security vulnerabilities.

1 article

File Locker

Detects file changes then lets you examine contents and revert as required.

1 article

Unrecognised Files Scanner

Scans for, and automatically deletes Unrecognised Files In Core directories.

2 articles

Scanners FAQ

Most common questions, issues related to the scans.

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Firewall General

Introduction to Firewall module and most important general options.

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Firewall Blocking Options

Choose what kind of malicious data to scan for.

1 article

Firewall Block Response

Choose how the plugin will respond when it detects malicious data.

1 article

Firewall Whitelists

Pages and parameters that are whitelisted (ignored by the firewall).

2 articles

Firewall FAQ

Most common questions about Firewall and blocking.

4 articles

Login Protection

Login Protection General

Introduction to Login Guard module and most important general options.

2 articles

Login From Bot Protection

Login, probing and illegitimate bots detection and blocking.

6 articles

2FA By Email

Verifies the identity of users who log in to site using email-based one-time-password

6 articles

Google Authenticator

Verifies the identity of users who login using Google Auth one-time password.

5 articles

Multi-Factor Authentication

Combine multiple authentication factors for increased security.

5 articles

Yubikey Authentication

Use Yubikey device for 2-Factor Authentication.

3 articles

Hide WP Login Page

Hide the WordPress Login page.

3 articles

Login Protection FAQ

Most common questions about login protection, blocking.

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Users General

Introduction to User Management module and most important general options.

2 articles

User Session Management

Control user sessions and expire idle sessions and prevent account sharing.

1 article

User Registration

Control user registration and prevent SPAM.

1 article

Password Policies

Full control over passwords used by users on the site.

2 articles

User Suspension

Automatically suspends accounts to prevent login by certain users.

2 articles

Login Notification Email

Sends email notification to each user upon successful login and when admins login.

1 article

Comments SPAM

Comments SPAM General

Introduction to Comments SPAM module and most important general options.

2 articles

Auto Bot Comment SPAM Protection

Blocks 100% of all automated bot-generated comment SPAM.

2 articles

Human Comment SPAM Protection

Detect human-based comment SPAM.

1 article

Common Settings For SPAM

Settings that apply to all comment SPAM scanning.

1 article

Comments SPAM FAQ

Most common questions about comments form protection and blocking.

2 articles

Third Party Integrations

Built-In Shield Integrations

Shield can automatically integrate with 3rd party plugins.

1 article

AntiBot SPAM Detection

Detect 3rd-party contact forms SPAM:

2 articles

User Forms Bot Checking

Auto protect 3rd party login and registration forms against Bots.

1 article

Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates General

Introduction to Automatic Updates module and most important general options.

1 article

Auto-Update Options

Make adjustments to how automatic updates are handled on your site.

5 articles

Automatic Updates FAQ

Most common questions about WP auto-updates.

6 articles

HTTP Headers

HTTP Headers General

Introduction to HTTP Headers module and most important general options.

2 articles

Advanced Security Headers

Protect visitors to your site by implementing increased security response headers.

1 article

Content Security Policy Headers

Restrict the sources and types of content that may be loaded and processed by visitor

1 article

HTTP Headers FAQ

Most common questions about headers and content blocking.

2 articles

WP Lockdown

WP Lockdown General

Introduction to WP Lockdown module and most important general options.

1 article


Lockdown certain core WordPress system features.

3 articles

Permissions and Access Options

Provides finer control of certain WordPress permissions.

3 articles

WordPress Obscurity Options

Obscures certain WordPress settings from public view.

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2FA Email Delivery

Shield's dedicated email delivery service to send the 2FA login code.

1 article

Activity Log

Activity Log General

Introduction to Activity Log module and most important general options.

5 articles


Additional Features and Options available to developers

1 article

Activity Log Options

Finer control over the activity log itself.

1 article

Traffic Watch

Traffic Watch General

Introduction to Traffic Watch module and most important general options.

2 articles

Traffic Watch Options

Finer control over the Traffic Watch system.

1 article

Traffic Rate Limiting

Prevents excessive requests from a single visitor.

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Reporting General

Email reports from scans and other important activities on your site.

1 article

Alert/Stats Reports

Reports from scans, stats info and charts.

2 articles

Reports Stats/Charts

Stats and Charts

Stats and charts for you to see how Shield is performing over time.

1 article

Custom Templates

Custom Templates Guidelines

Important information about custom templates.

3 articles

2FA By Email Custom Template

Customise 2FA by email content.

1 article

Discontinued Options


Options that are not available in the most resect plugin versions.

15 articles