Overview of the Shield Security Dashboard sections

Shield Security Dashboard can be accessed from the main Shield menu.

It's divided into the following sections:

  • Search Section

Use Search to find any option within the entire plugin.

  • Security Overview Dashboard

View your entire WordPress site security at a glance and discover where you can improve.

Shield Security Overview is designed to be 1st place any site administrator will go to, in order to

    • learn of any issues that they need to take care of
    • fix security issues before they impact the site
    • easily go through the information they need, and take steps and actions based on that information
  • Reports section

Reporting module helps you see at a glance how effective the plugin has been.

This is a central "Alerts" and "Info" reporting system.

Protection begins by detecting bad bots and malicious visitors. Use this section to review, analyse and manage all visitor IPs that have an impact on your site.

Run Shield scans at any time, or view the results from the latest scans.

Track, monitor and review activity on your site by users, visitors and bots. See the Who, What and When.

View and explore details of HTTP requests made to your site.

  • Config Section

Shield is a big plugin split into modules, and each with their own options. Use this configuration drop-down menu to find the specific option you need.

Under this section/menu, you can access and configure the all Shield modules, namely

  • General Settings - general plugin settings that apply across the entire plugin operation.
  • Security Admin - restrict access to the security plugin itself.
  • Bot Blocking (Block Bad IPs/Visitors module)- detect malicious bots and visitors, and block them from accessing the site.
  • Scanners (Hack Guard module) - automatically detect & repair vulnerable and suspicious core files, plugins and themes.
  • Login Protection (Login Guard module) - add protections to your WordPress login forms and protect user accounts with 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Users (User Management module) - Control user sessions, duration, timeouts and account sharing. Also, apply password policies, block spam user registration and suspend users.
  • Activity Log - configure and track all site activity: Who, What, When and Where.
  • Traffic (Traffic Log module) - configure, track and monitor all HTTP requests to the site.
  • SPAM (Comments SPAM module) - block both bot and human comment SPAM while retaining your privacy.
  • Firewall - automatically block malicious HTTP requests and data sent to your site.
  • Lockdown (WP Lockdown module) - Lockdown access to some built-in features of a WordPress site.
  • Integrations - integrate with your favourite plugins to block Bots/SPAM and manage Shield better.
  • Auto Updates (Automatic Updates module) - take back full control of WordPress automatic updates (core, plugins, themes).
  • HTTP Headers - control HTTP Security Headers on your site.
  • Custom Rules Section - create and manage your own security rules
  • Tools Section - important security tools, such as
  • ShieldPRO Section - manage your ShieldPRO license.