Introduction to the Block Bad IPs/Visitors module

The Shield Security plugin is composed of the several modules. The Block Bad IPs/Visitors is one of its modules. This module allows you to whitelist IP addresses and configure auto-blacklist rules.

It's accessible from within the main navigation menu > Config > Bot Blocking:

Block Bad IPs/Visitors module is designed of the following parts (features):

Before you take any action, you should carefully review the Auto Blocking Rules settings. 

The Auto Blocking Rules settings

The Block Bad IPs/Visitors module's main part is the Automatic IP Black List system (engine). It tracks bad behavior over a set period of time and as soon as it reaches the threshold, the Shield blocks it. No more lengthy and unmaintainable IP black lists.

To set-up the Automatic IP Black List system, use the following options:

  • Offense Limit - Visitor IP address will be Black Listed after X bad actions on your site
  • Auto Block Expiration - After 1 "X" a black listed IP will be removed from the black list

For more information about the automatic blacklist system, read the blog article here.