What is the Shield General Settings section?

Shield General settings section is the most important part of the Shield - it contains options for the basic plugin settings.

The options available are as follows:

  • Plugin Defaults
  • Reporting
  • Import/Export
  • Disable Shield

Shield General options explanations

Option: Plugin Defaults

This option contains important default settings used through the plugin. Those are the following:

  • IP Source - Is a method of retrieving the user/visitor IP address. There are several methods:
    • Automatically detect visitor IP
    • REMOTE_ADDR - (recommended)

Note: If you don't know what your particular IP address is, please see here:


For better understanding the Shield plugin and the Visitor IP address detection, read the article here.

Note: If you need XML-RPC functionality to by-pass login protection rules, you can use WP filter.

  • Anonymous Usage Statistics - Allows us to gather some information around your use of the plugin.
  • Enable ShieldNET - Enhanced website security through Network Intelligence.
  • In-Plugin Notices - Display non-essential plugin notices and admin bar menu.

    By default Shield displays non-essential notices in the admin area and admin bar.

    This can be hidden by switching off this option.

  • Allow WP-CLI - Allow access and control of the Shield plugin via WP-CLI.
  • Show Plugin Badge - Display plugin badge on your site.
  • Delete Plugin Settings - Removes all plugin options when you deactivate the plugin. If this option is disabled, all plugin settings will remain.
  • Temp Dir - Specify a temporary directory lets you tell Shield where it should start in its search for a writable directory.
  • Beta Access - Allow Shield to upgrade to beta and pre-release versions.

Option: Reports

Here you can configure Report Email  - where you want Shield to send email reports.

Also, configure Alert and Info email reports. 

Read more about Reporting section here.

Option: Instant Alerts

Receive instant alert email reports to critical security events that occur on your WordPress site.

Read more about this here.

Option: Import/Export

This feature helps you to automatically import options and deploy configurations across your entire security network. To find out how this feature works, read the article here.

Note: ShieldPRO is required for this feature. To find out what the extra ShieldPRO features are and how to purchase, please follow this link here.

Option: Global Plugin Security Disable

Here you can completely enable or disable Shield plugin and all its modules.