Introduction to the Security Admin module

Shield is the only WordPress security plugin with a WordPress-independent security PIN to protect itself. It achieves this through its Security Admin module.

Security Admin module is a critical component to the WordPress Shield Security plugin. It's accessible from within the main navigation menu > Config > Security Admin:

What does Security Admin do?

With Security Admin you lock down the actual WordPress Shield Security plugin itself.

It will lock down access to the settings of the WordPress Shield Security plugin to only those administrators that know the Security Admin PIN.

When Security Admin Access Restriction is active:

  • No WordPress Shield Security options may be viewable from the WordPress admin dashboard
  • No WordPress Shield Security options may be configured from the WordPress admin dashboard
  • The WordPress Shield Security plugin may not deactivated or un-installed

There are other Security Admin Restriction Zones which are separate and may be enabled/disabled according to your preferences.

Note: If you want to rename and re-brand the Shield plugin for your client site installations, you can use White Label system available within Security Admin module. For the detailed information about White Label, read the article here.

For more information about Security Admin, read the blog article here.