What Is The Change Reporting Feature And How To Use It?

Change Reporting feature uses the data from the Activity Log to generate the report, so the data is same, but it presents only the relevant portions of that data.

  • The Activity Log shows you “what happened
  • The Change Report shows you “what changed

It’ll extract the relevant information buried within your logs and present to you a report of everything that’s changed between any 2 dates.

An important point to bear in mind here is that this report relies solely on the data within the Activity Log. This means that reporting is limited to the maximum lifetime of your activity logs.

Please ensure your log retention settings reflect your needs.

How To Use Change Reporting Feature

Change Reporting is sent and included automatically in the Info reports and can be viewed under the Reports section.

Under this section, you can view all your reports and also create a custom change report.

Just click Create Custom Report option, select what to report and when, give your report a title and then click "Create Report" to view changes to your site between two dates. For example,

Your custom change report will be created and you'll see a report link. Click this link and the change report page will open up for you.

Note: You can choose whether you want to view summary or detailed report.

Example summary change report

To learn more about this feature, read this article here.