What is the Info Frequency report and how does it work?

Info Frequency option is a part of the Reporting section of the Shield Security plugin.

This report outlines the most significant events including what have been changed and statistics on your WordPress site for given reporting period.

You can decide when you should be sent non-critical information and reports about your site security.

To set the info frequency, simply select the frequency you’d like for the report, and click to Save settings. 

How does the Info Frequency work?

Let's say you'd like to receive site information report daily. 

You'll get email info/stats report about your site security, and email subject will be [Your Site Name] Security Report .

Info report provides link to the full report content as HTML pages, for example

These links are accessible from anywhere without needing to be logged-into the WordPress site, but at the same time ensure that they can’t be accessed by anyone without access to the link itself.

Example Info report

Info reports are also accessed at any time from the Shield Dashboard (recent reports) and Reports section (list of all reports), for example:

For more details on reports or how to create your own custom security reports, read these articles here.