Introduction to the Reporting section

Reporting module helps you see at a glance how effective the plugin has been.

This is a central "Alerts" and "Info" reporting system.

For example, rather than 1 email per scan, you'll get 1 email per site, as often as you prefer.

And, you'll only ever be notified once per item/result. No more, no less. So you can act on it there and then, or not, but you'll not hear about it again via email.

This module is accessible from within the main navigation menu > Config > General Settings > Reporting:

It is composed of the 2 parts:

  1. Alert Frequency - How often should you be sent important alerts
  2. Info Frequency - How often should you be sent information reports

Important: Depending on your settings and cron timings, the report may contain a combination of alerts, statistics and other information.

To view Alert and Info reports or create your own custom security reports, read this article here.