Adjusting Plugin Badge

The plugin badge can be adjust in a couple of different ways using a couple of filters provided by the plugin.

Adjust Text Displayed

By default the text display is: This Site Is Protected By Shield Security

This may be different if there is a translation available.

You can adjust the text using the following filter:


Using an anonymous function you could do the following:

add_filter( 'icwp_shield_plugin_badge_text', function ( $text ) {
	return 'This Site Is Protected';
} );

This will change the text on the badge to read "This Site Is Protected"

As always, this function will need to added somewhere that will always be executed, such as your theme's functions.php file.

Adjust All Settings

Like the previous option there is a filter that will allow you to modify more settings of the badge. We recommend this is used with caution, but it will allow for more thorough adjusments of the entire badge.

Please see the example laid out here:

Adjusting Styles

The plugin badge is wrapped-up in a div with the following ID: icwpWpsfSiteBadge

You can use this to directly access and modify the sub-elements to match your requirements.

To learn more about the Shield Security Badge, read this article here.