What is the Shield Security Plugin Badge?

Shield Security Plugin Badge is a completely 100% optional plugin option and it does not come enabled on your site by default.

What is it?

It is a means of promoting the Shield Security plugin to visitors who may not be using a WordPress security plugin.

You can simply enable this option and it will place a small badge on the bottom-left of your website. This badge contains the logo of the plugin along with a link to further information.

Why would you use it?

There are 2 main reasons for using this plugin badge:

  1. To help promote and share the plugin with other users. Many people aren't even aware of WordPress security as an issue, and this helps to share the knowledge about it, as well as promote the free plugin.
  2. To show your visitors that you take security seriously, and that you have put in place measures to protect your site and that they can feel safer knowing your site is much less likely to be hacking them.

Is this SPAM?

No. This plugin is completely 100% free and the option to enable the badge is disabled by default.

For this badge to appear, you will have had to have manually enabled it under the General Settings > Plugin Defaults:

When enabled, the plugin badge will appear in the bottom left corner of your site pages. For example:

For more information about the Shield Security plugin badge, read the blog article here.

You can also adjust Shield badge if you want.

Note: You can use Shield plugin badge for affiliate rewards.

ShieldPRO members are able to earn affiliate commissions (15%) when they recommend Shield to other people.

To make it even easier, we’ve automatically integrated your affiliate referral IDs in the Shield Plugin Badge, so that for any visitor that clicks the badge on your sites and goes on to purchase Shield, you’ll get the affiliate reward for this.

We go into all details here. Also, unlike other referral schemes that only give you once-off rewards, our referrals are for life.