How should you structure your support requests?

If you're sending support requests to us, you'll need to ensure you're doing all you can to help us get to the bottom of it.

If you don't give us what we need, we can't give you what you need - the solution!

So, you will likely be directed here if your support request doesn't meet the minimum requirements. Here are the requirements and guidelines. If you continue to ignore these, then your requests will also be ignored - our support team has finite resources and time. If you respect it, you'll have a much more pleasant experience with us.

We really appreciate your understanding.

1) Provide a clear, concise, and detailed description of the problem.

An example of unclear descriptions are:

  • I can't login
  • I'm blocked
  • I'm locked out
  • It doesn't work

These make for good introductions, but they tell us nothing.

  • How are you locked out? What messages do you see? What precipitates a lock out?
  • You cant login? Are there error messages? Does the page even load? Is it 2-factor authentication related?
  • What are any and all error messages you see.
  • "It doesn't work" Tells us nothing.
  • Can you point us to a URL that clearly demonstrates the problem?

If your support request doesn't meet this very basic minimum, you'll be directed to this page until it does.

2) Did you search the forums and the helpdesk?

We provide a huge helpdesk of documentation. It's there for you at any time of the day or night and the more you consult with it, the more you'll learn about the product.

The best help you can get is the help you can give yourself by understanding the products better. The documentation helps with this.

So please, search the documentation and support forums.

If we know that a solution has already been presented and it's clear that it's in the forums or the helpdesk, we'll direct you to this article.  The alternative is that we do all the searching for you... but you're as good at that as we are.

Helpdesk: Forums:

3) If you're a premium subscriber to our services, please let us know

You know you're premium, but how will we know?

We provide 1-to-1 technical support to premium members only. But if you don't tell us you're premium, how will we ever know?

So please, write to us from your registered premium email address, and provide us a license key (where applicable) so we can locate your account easily.

For the best place to start with your support ticket submission, please follow this link here.