What are the Human Comment SPAM Protection Filter options?

The Human Comment SPAM Protection Filter uses a 3rd party SPAM dictionary to detect human-based comment SPAM.

This tool, unlike other SPAM tools such as Akismet, will not send your comment data to 3rd party services for analysis.

Human SPAM options explanations

Option: Human SPAM Filter

This option scans the content of WordPress comments for keywords that are indicative of SPAM and marks the comment according to your preferred setting below.

Option: Comments Cooldown

Prevents comment floods and ensures a minimum period before any further comments are accepted on the site.

Read more here.

Option: SPAM Action

When a comment is detected as being SPAM from a human commenter, the comment will be categorised based on the setting.

This option allows you to decide how to categorise comments when identified to be SPAM.

Select one of the 4 options from the drop-down list:

  1. Mark as pending moderation

    This doesn't mark the comment as spam, but instead marks it as "pending" and you will need to approve it. This is not recommended.

  2. Mark as SPAM

    The comment will be immediately moved to the SPAM folder.

  3. Move to trash

    The comment will be immediately moved to the Trash folder.

  4. Reject and redirect

    The comment processing will stop immediately and will not be inserted into the WordPress comments database - the comment submission will be redirected to the website's home page.

For more information on this, read the blog article here.