What is the User/Admin Login Notification feature?

The Admin Login Notification feature helps you to be aware of when a WordPress administrator has logged into your site when you are not expecting it.

Important: Admin or user login notification email will not be sent if their IP is whitelisted with Shield

If you want to be notified every time an administrator user logs into your WordPress site, enter a notification email address into the field. If you leave this field blank, you'll not be notified. You can also add multiple Admin Login emails, separated by commas (see the screenshot below).

This feature can also be set to send email notification to each user upon successful login. 

"User Login Notification Email" has a couple of points that you should note:

  • Notification email is not sent if 2-factor authentication is enabled (this prevents 2FA emails + login notification emails)
  • If the email address of the “admin notification email” is the same as the email address for the user logging on, a 2nd notification email will not be sent.

Admin login notification email subject will be:

[Site Name] Notice - Administrator+ Just Logged Into (Your Site URL)

User login notification email subject will be:
[Site Name] Notice - A login to your WordPress account just occurred

Note: User Login Notification Email and adding multiple Admin Login emails are premium options and only available to Pro subscribers. To find out what the extra ShieldPRO features are and how to purchase, please follow this link here.

How to change the roles for login notification emails

The WordPress filter you can use to change the minimum role for this notification is:


We only currently support the following 5 roles:

  • network_admin
  • administrator
  • editor
  • author
  • subscriber

Also, selecting any role will result in notifications for any users at that role or above.  E.g. 'editor' will result in email notifications for editor, administrator, and network_admin.