How to revert Shield back to the previous version

If you need to revert Shield back to the previous version, for any reason, please follow these steps:

  1. In the current Shield version you have installed on your site, go to the main Shield menu > Config > Auto Updates section > WordPress Components > and disable "Plugins" option (disable auto-updates for plugins).
    Under the same section, go to the Auto-Update Options > and set "Auto-Update Plugin" to "disable".
    Save settings.
    Both of these settings disabled will ensure that you stay on the reverted version and that Shield won't automatically update to the current active one.
  2. Go to your site > Plugins page > deactivate and delete Shield.

    When you delete Shield, all your previously saved settings will be saved in a database. Also, it'll keep your Pro license active on this site normally.
  3. Go to the and download the Shield version .zip file (version you want to revert to) and save a file on your computer.
    (scroll down > Previous Versions > select the desired version > download)

    For example:
  4. Go to your site > Plugins page > Add New > Upload Plugin > browse to the .zip file your downloaded on your computer (step #3).

    For example:
  5. Click "Install Now" > Activate