The WordPress Obscurity options explanations

The WordPress Obscurity feature obscures certain WordPress settings from public view.

Note: Obscurity is not true security and so the following settings are down to your personal tastes.

The WordPress Obscurity options explanations

Option: Block Username Fishing

This option blocks the ability to discover WordPress usernames based on author IDs.

Important: Enabling this option may interfere with expected operations of your site.

If you want any URL requests containing "author=" to be killed, enable this option.

For further reading on the Block Username Fishing using author IDs scans, read the blog article here.

Option: Clean WP Files

You can use this option to automatically delete WordPress files that aren't necessary.

The cleanup process runs once each day.

Files Deleted: wp-config-sample.php  readme.html  license.txt   

Option: WP Generator Tag

This option helps you to remove WP generator meta tag.

If you want to remove a meta tag from your WordPress pages that publicly displays that your site is WordPress and its current version, enable this option.