How to import options from staging to live site with ShieldPRO

Before you try to do this, please ensure that the 'Allow Import/Export' option in the General Settings is enabled on both staging and live sites.

Note: You can also enable Notify Whitelist option is you want:

To export options from staging and then import to the live site, please follow these steps:

  1. Activate ShieldPRO on your staging site.
  2. Configure Shield options on your staging site
  3. On the staging site, go to the Tools section > Import/Export > and click to download options export file.

  4. Remove PRO from staging site and add it to the live site.
  5. On the live site, go to the Tools section > Import/Export > and browse to the exported file from your staging site.
  6. Click the "Import Options" button and all Shield options will be imported from staging site to your live site:

Note: We'll be providing support for staging/dev sites in one of the future ShieldPRO releases.