Keyless License Activation: How to manage site licenses

If you want to manage site licenses, you simply log into your Shield Security Pro account here:

And then select Keyless Activation section => View. 

You'll be presented with the keyless activation control panel.

This control panel gives you the ability to add or remove your site licenses.

How to add site license

To add site you want to license, simply use the "Activate A New Site License" field to enter the URL of the site you wish to activate => click to add site.

How to remove site license

To remove site license, use the "Remove A Site License" field to select the URL of the site you want to remove => confirm => click to remove.

You can also use your keyless activation control panel to remove a license for one site and add it to another site.

For example, if you've changed your site domain, you just need to remove the old URL and put in the new URL. A new site will be active with Pro in around 10-15 seconds.

Or, if you're working on a development site (test site), remove the existing URL, and add the staging URL. Then, after testing is complete, reverse it.