What are the Brute Force Login Protection feature options?

A brute-force attack is an attempt by the attacker to discover a password by trying a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols until he discovers the one correct combination that works. If successful, a brute force login attack enables the attacker to hack your account, log in to your site and steal information.

If your site does not require any login protection, you are a good target for a brute-force attack.

Shield's Brute Force Login Protection feature is designed to block brute force hacking attacks against your login and registration pages.

Brute Force Login Protection options explanations

The options available are as follows: 

  • Antibot Detection Engine

    You can use AntiBot Detection Engine to detect Bots.

    AntiBot Detection Engine is ShieldPRO's exclusive bot-detection technology that removes the needs for CAPTCHA and other challenges.
    This feature is designed to replace the Bot Protection option.

    Important: Switching on this feature will disable the Bot Protection settings.

  • Protection Locations

You can choose the forms for which bot protection measures will be deployed

    • login form
    • registration form
    • lost password form
    • Checkout-WooCommerce).

      Use with 3rd party systems such as WooCommerce, requires a Pro license.

  • Login Cooldown Period

    Limits login attempts to every X seconds. WordPress will process only 1 account access attempt per number of seconds specified.

  • 3rd-Party Support

    This option helps you to add support for 3rd-party login, register, and password reset forms such as Woocommerce, BuddyPress and Easy Digital Downloads. The 3rd-Party Support feature is enabled by default on Pro sites.

To learn more about Brute Force Login Protection read our blog article here.

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