How to use Protection Locations/Forms option

"Protection Locations" option is a part of the Login Guard module. With this option, you have the opportunity to choose the forms for which bot protection measures will be deployed.

You can protect the following forms:

  • Login form
  • Registration form
  • Lost password form
  • Checkout (WooCommerce)

Note: Using 3rd party forms, such as WooCommerce, requires ShieldPRO. A full list of the integrated 3rd party - custom user forms and how to use them, can be found here.

Important point to note

G.A.S.P (I'm a human) checkbox is depreciated. You can still use it and the settings can be found under the "Depreciated" section of the Login Guard module.

Instead of this, we highly recommend using the newer Antibot Detection Engine (ADE) to protect your standard WP forms (including a custom ones) from automated attempts by bots. 

This completely removes the need for login form CAPTCHAs, and Shield’s own GASP “I’m a human” checkbox. We’re passively testing a visitor’s status (no direct interaction required from the visitor), and we build their Bot Score and allow or deny the request.

Please note that, if you decide to enable G.A.S.P (I'm a human) checkbox option, you'll need to disable ADE first.

Hint: ShieldPRO also has the most popular contact forms integrated in ADE for SPAM protection.