What are the Bot Comment SPAM Protection Filter options?

Automatic Bot Comment SPAM Protection Filter blocks 100% of all automated bot-generated comment SPAM.

Bot Comment SPAM options explanations

Option: Antibot Detection Engine

AntiBot Detection Engine is ShieldPRO's exclusive bot-detection technology that removes the needs for CAPTCHA and other challenges.
This feature is designed to replace the CAPTCHA and GASP (Bot Protection) options.

Option: Default SPAM Action

This option allows you to decide how to categorise comments when identified to be SPAM.

Select one of the 4 options from the drop-down list:

  1. Mark as pending moderation
    This doesn't mark the comment as spam, but instead marks it as "pending" and you will need to approve it. This is not recommended.
  2. Mark as SPAM
    The comment will be immediately moved to the SPAM folder.
  3. Move to trash
    The comment will be immediately moved to the Trash folder.
  4. Reject and redirect
    The comment processing will stop immediately and will not be inserted into the WordPress comments database - the comment submission will be redirected to the website's home page.

Option: Comments Cooldown

This option limits posting comments to X seconds after the page has loaded. By forcing a comments cooldown period, you restrict a Spambot's ability to post multiple times to your posts. 

Option: Comment Token Expire

Each visitor is given a unique 'Token' so they can comment. This restricts spambots, but we need to force these tokens to expire and at the same time not bother the visitors.

Read more about the Comments Cooldown and Token Expire here.