Introduction to the WordPress Audit Trail module

The Audit Trail module with all its features is designed to give you full insight into significant actions taken on your site. It will let you see exactly what has been happening on your site so you can easily look back on events and analyse what happened and what may have gone wrong. 

This module is accessible from the main menu => Configuration section:

How does the Audit Trail work?

The Audit Trail monitors your WordPress site and for certain specific actions that take place, it will record it in the database for your review, if necessary. 

It also identifies the actual PHP file used to send emails (so you can track it better) and also identifies Post types when posts are updated.

All events are given a default severity of 'Alert', 'Warning', "Notice", 'Info' and 'Debug. Which event categories are logged can be adjusted in the Configuration.
You can configure

And use the Audit Trail Viewer to review your Audit Trail logs

To learn more about the Shield's Audit Trail, read the blog article here.