Can you supply an invoice without the VAT in Europe?

Due to VAT rules within Europe, we must charge VAT for all digital products unless the purchaser supplies a verifiable VAT number. Shield uses your Geolocation information from your IP address to determine your location for VAT billing purposes.

In order to have VAT removed from your order, you must supply your VAT number in the checkout form at the time of purchase.

You will see an area to input your VAT details within the form - please use this and the system will automatically remove VAT if you supply a valid VAT number.

Please note that even if you are not "from" the European Union, when you are located within the EU at the time of purchase, VAT will applied to the invoice total. The workaround for this is to wait until you're not in the EU, or use a VPN connection to your origin country to indicate to the checkout page where you're originally from.