How to upgrade your ShieldPRO license subscription

In order to activate ShieldPRO on more sites, you'll need to upgrade your existing subscription.
Please follow these steps:
  1. Log into your account on the main site
  2. Under My Account, select Purchase History => View

  3. Then select View Licenses
  4. Then select View Upgrades
  5. Select the site license pack you want and proceed through the checkout just as you did before.

Important: The price you pay at checkout when you're upgrading is the pro-rata cost to upgrade. It is not the full price of the subscription when the renewal occurs. The checkout will outline these costs clearly.

Note: If you, for example, want to upgrade to the 3 site license subscription, the upgrade price is calculated pro-rata, taking into account the price also paid for the original subscription. Rather than create a new subscription, the system will update the original subscription and replace it, in this case, with a new 3 site license subscription.