How To Use SureSend, Shield's Dedicated Email Delivery Service To Send The 2FA Code

Most WordPress sites aren't properly configured to send emails, so sometimes they don't arrive. We discuss this in detail here.

This is a critical issue when 2-Factor Authentication emails don't go where they should.

SureSend is a dedicated email delivery service from Shield Security. It improves WordPress email reliability for critical emails. It uses the ShieldNET API to deliver 2FA emails so that you always get them.

How to use SureSend to send the 2FA code

If you're relying on WordPress to send and deliver important emails, such as 2FA login code, you should enable SureSend for these important emails.

Before we explain how to use SureSend for the 2FA code, there are 3 important points to note:

  1. This can be used for site admins only
  2. This can be used for 2FA by email only
  3. This isn't a replacement for a dedicated email service and if you're using a 3rd party email service, you probably won't need SureSend.

To start using SureSend, all you need to do is to enable it through the Config menu > Integrations module first:

Next time site admins attempt to log into their WordPress site and require a 2FA code to login, they can use the code sent from SureSend to their user account email address. 


For more information about SureSend, read the release blog article here.