How To Un-Hide And View Ignored, Repaired, Deleted Scan Results Items

When Shield presents scan results it shows only those results that need intervention by the admin. If there was a result that has already been processed (e.g. repaired or ignored), then that result is removed from display, never to return.

You have the ability to expand the results that are displayed on the scan results tables to include previously processed results.

Normally the following scan results are hidden:

  • ignored
  • repaired
  • deleted

But, you can un-hide these results for the WP core, plugin, theme and malware files.

These options can be found under the Scan Results page > additional options (gear icon) > Results Display Options:

You may watch a small demo on this here.

Please note that these options do not work for the all previous scans. They apply after the current scans only.

Example of the ignored, repaired, deleted items on the WP core scan results

Example of the repaired and ignored theme files

As for the malware files, e.g. the ignored files, "Ignore" option will not be available for that file:

In case you want to re-scan to reveal the all previously ignored files, you can use "Clear Ignore Flags" option detailed in A Complete Guide To The Shield Security Scans here.