What Is The CrowdSec Enroll ID Option?

The CrowdSec Instance Enroll ID option is in addition to the built-in, automated CrowdSec integration.


  • You don't need to create a CrowdSec account to enable this integration - it's an optional extra.
  • If you want to create this link, you only need 1 CrowdSec account (and associated Enrol ID) if you run multiple WordPress sites
You can link your WordPress site to your CrowdSec console by providing your Enroll ID. To do this, you'll need to login or signup for your free CrowdSec console here.

Example: CrowdSec instance ID to use in Shield

Just copy the last part of the line and enter it into "CrowdSec Enroll ID" field in Shield:

You can reset CrowdSec Enrollment if you need to:

This is an example of Crowdsec instance/console:

For more information about the Shield's CrowdSec integration and how it works, read this article here.