Warning Message: Shield Security Bot Check Failed

If you use the Antibot Detection Engine (ADE), you may have get the following warning message when you try to login:

"Shield Security Bot Check Failed."

The AntiBot Detection Engine (ADE) is tracking each IP address and the actions they take on the site. If a visitor or user is triggering Shield defenses too often, eventually they'll reduce their reputation and eventually Shield will see them as a bot.

Your first step when you can't login is to clear your IP address and your Bot score. But before you do that, it's worth checking why your bot score is so low.

You can try following these steps:

  1. Go to your FTP for this site, and then create a "forceoff" file by following the steps outlined in this guide here.

    This will keep plugin active allowing you to get back into your site.
  2. Log into your site, go to your Manage IPs section to view your IP details
  3. Remove your IP from the block list (if needed) and then look up your IP address
  4. Then reset your Bot score.

If you look at your Audit Trail and filter for your IP address, you'll see notification for why your IP was prevented from logging-in. It'll say your bot score was too low and didn't meet the minimum reputation score. For example

The best thing to do here for now is set the minimum NotBot score to a much lower number, such as 5, or even zero.

Please see here how to do this, and how to reset your Bot score.

You may also want to review your High Reputation Bypass settings here.