Warning Message: Shield Security Bot Check Failed

When you use the Antibot Detection Engine (ADE), you may have get the following warning message when you try to login:

The AntiBot Detection Engine (ADE) is tracking each IP address and the actions they take on the site. If a visitor or user is triggering Shield defenses too often, eventually they'll reduce their reputation and eventually Shield will see them as a bot.

Your first step when you can't login is to use a forceoff method. This will keep plugin active allowing you to get back into your site and once you are in, check your Activity Log

If you look at your Activity Log and filter for your IP address, you'll see notification for why your IP was prevented from logging-in. It'll say your bot score was too low and didn't meet the minimum reputation score. For example:

When the ADE is in place, visitors get a "bot score" and if they make a request that falls below the score, the request will be rejected. Shield creates a "bot score" by using over 20 different signals to build a bot score for each IP address, including our unique "Not-Bot" system.

The all details can be found under the IP Analysis section. For example:

General Info

Bot Signals, including a total reputation score

So this will help you to understand what this particular IP address (visitor) is trying to do and what Shield offenses were triggered. 

How to solve Bot Check failed on your login form

Firstly, as we mentioned above, if you are unable to access your site due to this warning message, use a forceoff method to get back in and then disable page caching plugin temporarily. Then, test to see if this helps. 

If that doesn't help, proceed with the below steps:

  1. review the Activity Log when it happens to see what it's saying when your IP is blocked
  2. use the IP Analysis section to get more information about the bot score and signals.

    Also, reset your Bot Score (under the General Info tab)

  3. set the minimum NotBot score to a much lower number, such as 5.
  4. review and change the High Reputation Bypass option setting
  5. if you have a "forceoff" file in place, remove it and test to see if the Bot Check failed warning is gone.