What is the Scan Indicator?

Note: This option/feature is no longer applicable to the latest version of the Shield Security plugin and is here for reference purposes only.

The Scan Indicator is a new feature integrated into Hack Guard module.

It is a special type of feature that is added on the UI that will indicate the exact time that a scan last run.

The Scan Indicator is available for the following Hack Guard's scanners:

  • Core File Scanner
  • Unrecognised File Scanner
  • Plugins and Themes Guard Scanner
  • Vulnerabilities Scanner

In order to get Scan Indicator to work, please make sure that:

  • You have Shield v6.6+ installed on your site
  • The scanner you want to have indicator to work is enabled (i.e. Core File Scanner)


If you have Core File Scanner enabled, Scan Indicator will indicate the last time that a Core File scan was run successfully: