Guided walk-through wizard is not working

Welcome Wizard is added in the Shield with the purpose to help you to perform certain actions easier.

For more information about wizard, read the article here.

When you launch a wizard it might happen that every time you click "Next" button nothing happens.

The reason for this could be a plugin conflict. It's likely something to do with one of your plugins that restrict permissions in some way.

You can try to temporarily disable 1 plugin at a time until the wizard starts working. Start with anything that restricts access in any way. That will help you to narrow down the conflict and eliminate it.

Apart from that, when you click "Next" button it can also happen that the following error message occurs:

?page=icwp-wpsf-hack_protect&shield_action=wizard&wizard=ufc:254 Uncaught TypeError: $oWizard.steps is not a function at renderNextAuto (?page=icwp-wpsf-hack_protect&shield_action=wizard&wizard=ufc:254) at HTMLButtonElement.renderNext (?page=icwp-wpsf-hack_protect&shield_action=wizard&wizard=ufc:235) at HTMLDocument.dispatch (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3) at HTMLDocument.r.handle (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3)

What does this mean?

The above error would occur if the appropriate Javascript library isn't being included - so perhaps it's not being fetched correctly.

Please go to your browser web console and

See if there're any other errors Under the "Network" tab of the console, you'll be able to filter by Javascript (JS), (i.e. Firefox-see the screenshot below). Reload the page and try to see if there are any errors while fetching any of the Javascript files.

Next thing you should do is to leave Shield enabled and disable other plugins you have installed on your site, one by one. It's quite likely that some other plugin is interfering with Shield, such as Nextgen Gallery Plugin.