Firewall Block Response options explanations

Firewall Block Response specifies how the Shield plugin will respond when the firewall detects malicious data. 

Firewall Block Response options explanations

Option: Block Response

This option helps you to choose how the firewall responds when it blocks a request.

You have 4 possible responses:

  • Die With Message - Kill (end) the running PHP process and display a friendly message
  • Die - Immediately kill (end) the running PHP process
  • Redirect To Home Page - Redirect the web request to the homepage
  • Return 404 - Redirect the web request to a 404 page

Whichever you choose is down to your personal preference. We recommend dying with a message (the default) so you know what might have occurred when the firewall blocks you. (See the screenshot below)

Option: Send Email Report

This option, when enabled will send the administrators an email notifying them of a firewall block incident. 

Important: Use this option with caution - if you get hit by automated bots you may send out too many emails and you could get blocked by your host.

Here is an example of the Firewall block alert email:

For more information on how the Shield's Firewall works, read the blog article here.