What is the Login Authentication Portal?

If you've arrived at the screen asking for your two-factor authentication code and you're stuck, this is the place to start.

What is the Login Authentication Portal?

Shield’s Login Authentication Portal (LAP) brings together all the authentication factors into one place. You can set the portal to accept one login factor as sufficient authentication (i.e. email-based two-factor authentication).

LAP example

Read more about the Login Authentication Portal here.

How to enable two-factor authentication for your WordPress site

To do this, you may go to the Login Guard module and enable authentication factors you would like to use including some other options, i.e. Two-Factor By-Pass, or Login Backup Code.

What if you've lost your authentication device?

So you have multi-factor authentication on your account, but you've lost the ability to login with that device, such as Google Authenticator or Yubikey. You'll need to contact your administrator and ask them reset or remove the device from your profile.

If you are the administrator and you're locked out, please follow the guide outlined in this article here.

What if you can't browse the site?

When you login, you must provide your authentication codes to complete the login process. If you don't, you can't do anything until the login expires - which defaults to 5 minutes. You can wait for 5 minutes, or click the 'cancel login' link to get back access to the normal site.