Common WP-CLI commands for all modules

Please note that whether you see text enclosed within <>, such as <something>, the <> shouldn't be included in the command when you use it.

Find out more information about any command

Use the following pattern to get full information for any particular command.

> wp <strong data-identifyelement="503">help</strong> shield <cmd><br data-identifyelement="504">e.g. > wp <strong data-identifyelement="505">help</strong> shield plugin opt-set
Common Commands For All Modules

The following commands are common to all Shield Modules.

List all the options for the given module.

> wp shield <module> opt-list

Get the current value of a given option.

> wp shield <module> opt-get --key=<key>

Set the value of a given option.

> wp shield <module> opt-set --key=<key> --value=<value>

Enable a module.

> wp shield <module> enable

Disable a module.

> wp shield <module> disable

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