What outbound connections does the ShieldPRO make?

ShieldPRO makes a few outbound connections in the course of operations on the site. This article will outline all of these and briefly explain the purpose.

#1 License Verification (Keyless Activations)


  • api.getshieldsecurity.com

The purpose of these outbound connections is to verify the ShieldPRO license. Which one it uses depends on the version of the plugin, but ultimately they lead to the same location.

#2 ShieldNET Operations


  • net.shieldsecurity.io

ShieldNET is a general term, encompasing operations and network intelligence for the ShieldPRO plugin. This is typically used by the FileLocker system and other ShieldPRO features.

#3 WPHashes API


  • wphashes.com

WPHashes is an API we use (and we created) to gather information and data used in many ShieldPRO operations. This API also helps assume and replace processing and computation operations that the ShieldPRO plugin would otherwise need to perform.

IP Whitelisting?

There are no outbound IPs available to whitelist, as we make use of the CloudFlare reverse proxy across our entire infrastructure. This means our inbound IP addresses are changeable.

Future Updates

You will need to check back here in order to ensure your outbound whitelists are kept up-to-date. You can use the date below to determine whether you need to review your settings.

Domains List Last Updated: 2021-05-11