How can I change the 'from' email address for the Shield Security plugin?

(Please do not confuse this with the 'To' email. There is an option in the Shield plugin to change this directly)

By default, the plugin will send using the WordPress default 'From' address as configured by your site.

If you want to change this, we have provided a WordPress filter that you can use:

We recommend using one of the many WordPress plugin dedicated to fine control your WordPress email settings if you're not comfortable with PHP coding.

  • To change the 'from email', use the filter: `shield/email_from` and return the email address you wish to use.  Note that this email you supply will be validated and if it's not a valid email address, it will be rejected.
  • To change the 'from name', use the filter: `shield/email_from_name` and return the name you wish to to use