I haven't received 2FA login verification email. What should I do?

Shield Security plugin offers 3 different types of 2-factor authentication: Email, Google Authenticator, Yubikey.

For more information about 2-factor authentication, read our blog here.

2-Factor Authentication by Email 

When you login into anything, your first authentication factor is your password. When you setup email authentication, then the code / link in your email is your second factor.

In other words, your password + your email = 2-factor authentication.

After you login, Shield will ask you to verify that you really are the person (user) you say you are. You'll get an email sent to your account with an Authentication Code.

You've checked your mailbox, but there is no verification email with the code.

Why haven't you received email with the Authentication Code?

There are several reasons why you can't find verification email with a code. We will mention here the most common ones:

  • you're checking the wrong email address

Every WordPress username is connected with one unique email address. If you login with one user name, Shield will send 2-factor authentication only to the email address connected with that user name. Check the verification email to the email address of the user (on your WordPress site). The email address you are trying to login with, is the email address you should look for verification email.

  • email was delivered to the spam folder
  • you have filters/rules on your emails and it's in another folder
  • email is blocked by your email mailbox provider
  • no email was sent

What if you have checked all the above, but there's still no verification email?

If that happens, we advise all our clients to improve their email reliability using the approach outlined in this blog article here.

We also highly recommend you to read the blog article here.

What if you were locked out by your own site during the email verification process?

To unlock and provide yourself an access to your own site, all Shield Security plugin features have to be switched off and then your site reloaded. To do that and unlock your site properly please follow this guide here