Ultimate Membership Pro

If you use Ultimate Membership Pro plugin along with Shield's Login Guard, the following issue can occur:

"I can't login to my site using Ultimate Membership Pro login form. I just get an error parameter ( ?result=failed ) beside the page URL and no login action. When I disable "Login Guard" module, everything back to normal and I'm able log into my site normally. But, I can't keep this important security module deactivated."

Also, CAPTCHA or "I'm a human" checkbox might not display and your site users could get locked out, being detected as Bots. 

To get this problem resolved, you have 2 options:

  1. Disable Ultimate Membership Pro plugin; or
  2. Disable Login Guard module.

Unfortunately, Ultimate Membership Pro doesn't offer any ability to easily customize the login/registration forms. This means that it's impossible for Shield to add the necessary code to put in the checkbox or reCAPTCHA on the forms.

We have been asked for Ultimate Membership Pro integration, but after examining their source code, they have not provided any hooks for use by any 3rd party plugins. This means that we'll never been able to support their system directly with Shield. 

We are limited by the extensibility provided by other developers within their plugins.

You may want to reach out to them as a paying customer and point them to this.